Universal Marketing Performance

Create, attribute and optimise campaigns across Social, Search, Display & Video


Enabling high-growth marketers…


Generate more leads

Delivering 124% growth in leads achieved, reducing the cost per lead by 54% and improving conversions by 36% [more]


Deliver more app installs

Reducing the cost per install by 64% while growing the volume by 54% [more]


Achieve more online purchases

Growing ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) from a target of 20x to 123x [more]


Drive more multichannel sales

Growing ROAS to 86X for one automotive brand [more]


Increase video engagement

Increasing the volume of completed video views fourfold reducing the cost per view by 75% [more]


Performance automation across your sales funnel

Bionic automates performance management across social marketing touchpoints on your brand’s unique purchase journey; to improve the acquisition of receptive new prospects and better engage with existing customers.

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The Bionic toolkit dynamically automates the process of finding more people who are interested in your offering and directing them through your unique purchase journey.

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Your performance is critical to our success

Retail stores will continue to be an important part of our business and, with Bionic, we can marry the unique experience of a store with the data and optimisation benefits of online to offline retail.
— Gary Kibble, Director of Global Brand Marketing, Mothercare
Bionic’s Universal Marketing Bridge vastly improved internal processes and realized significant operational efficiencies in our business. For large clients we save roughly 8-14 hours per month.
— Nick Cudahy, Director at All Response Media, EVP at Havas Edge

Enhancing our clients’ capabilities to drive performance

Bionic’s range of proprietary tools work seamlessly with your marketing and sales platforms to help you efficiently grow revenues from social marketing.

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Goal Pipeline

Optimising campaigns to dynamically funnel customers through your unique purchase journey.

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Data Connect

Integrating your marketing and sales platforms to align campaign performance with sales data.


Auto Pilot

Continuously adjusting bid and budget strategies to ad auction conditions to deliver the best outcomes.


Universal Marketing Bridge

The only way to truly unify social marketing performance with search, display and video.



Plus complete control and transparency

Reporting on Bionic - Giving you Control and Transparency

Easily monitor your social marketing campaign and funnel performance in real-time.


With Bionic, you can access your campaign’s activity logs to identify all campaign interventions. Learn how to improve your campaign performance with insights and recommendations from Bionic.

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