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G2 Review, 2019/11

8 AdEspresso Facebook Management Review

AdEspresso was acquired recently by HootSuite and they set out to enable clients to quickly create, analyse and optimise their Facebook Ads. Within the AdEspresso tool, you can edit, clone or delete your ads and targeting.

AdEspresso provides some optimisation rules such as pausing under-performing ads or allocating budget to the best ads, which will become impossible for them with the introduction of Campaign Budget Optimisation.

AdEspresso is based in Milan, Italy; which is what you’d expect for a Facebook ads coffee brand! AdEspresso is a good option for micro-budgets with prices from $69 where ad spend is less than $3,000 per month.

AdEspresso services to help with performance improvement on Facebook include:

  • Create Your Campaigns

  • Analyse Your Campaign

  • Optimise Your Campaigns

  • PDF Reporting

  • Education

  • Synchronisation CRM

  • Automatic Page Post Promotion

  • Campaign Approvals

AdEspresso compared with Bionic

Proprietary Facebook Ads Management performance optimisation features available through Bionic, not available through AdEspresso by HootSuite include:

  • Universal Marketing Bridge

Exclusive cross-platform live bridge between Facebook Ads Manager and Google Marketing Platforms for  real-time unified campaign optimisation

  • Goal Pipeline for Automatic Purchase Funnel Optimisation

Prioritise bid and budgets in real-time towards the most down-stream funnel conversion events; thus maximising campaign spend efficiency.

  • Automatic Bidding

Proprietary bidding technology driven on your specific marketing objectives and conversion funnel.

  • Automatic Pausing

Algorithmic ranking and pausing of ads (either at Ad Set level or campaign level as desired)

  • Automatic Budget Management

Programmatic management of budgets of Ad Sets within a campaign, 100% compatible with Facebook’s CBO Campaign Budget Optimisation.

  • Automatic Management Style Adjustment

Dynamic campaign strategy refinement to strike the optimal balance between delivery/spend and cost per objective.

  • Data Connect

Bionic facilitates the seamless integration of first-party data both out of and in to the Facebook ad platform to assist in attribution and fine-tuning audience targeting.