How BETTER gained 2.8X more conversions with the same budget

With Bionic’s unique bridge between Facebook & Google

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BETTER is the largest UK-based charitable social enterprise delivering leisure, health and community services, including 258 Sport & Leisure facilities with 650,000 members. BETTER was setting out to improve the ROI from Facebook advertising, in particular when online conversion data was analysed based on cross-platform attribution models.

BETTER had been advertising on the Facebook platform but noticed that the conversion data within Facebook did not match with their cross-platform attribution reports. BETTER wanted to ensure that its ad spend was optimised towards the ads and audiences most likely to convert, regardless of whether they were on Facebook, Instagram Google or other channels.


BETTER engaged their performance-driven digital agency, All Response Media together with Bionic to address this challenge for them.

The combined solution was to implement the Bionic real-time API bridge between:

  • Google Campaign Manager, which serves as a single source of truth for measurement and;

  • Bionic's core automation suite, Auto Pilot, that enables the agency to  programmatically optimise Facebook campaigns.

This unique solution takes advantage of the APIs and data points from Campaign Manager to seamlessly measure and automatically optimise Facebook & Instagram campaigns, using de-duplicated conversion data.

Bionic also created an additional Facebook Publisher application, which served to streamline the bulk trafficking process. This significantly reduced time and eliminated the potential for human error when creating complex campaigns in Facebook.

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Using the Universal Marketing Bridge to optimise Facebook ad spend strategies based on de-duplicated conversion data across different marketing platforms in real-time was a massive breakthrough for BETTER.

Within two weeks of going live conversion rates increased by a massive 52%.

Furthermore, they achieved a 64% reduction in Cost Per Lead month on month. The net impact of this, was that for every pound spend on Facebook advertising, BETTER was able to achieve 2.8 times more leads.

Click-through rate on the campaign increased by 8% and the overall CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) reduced by 20%.

I’m really happy to report on the performance of the campaign we ran with the floodlight optimisation. The most striking improvement, in my opinion, would be the CVR, which has increased by 52% in only 2 weeks. Therefore, our CPL dropped by 64% month on month, while CTR improved by 8% and CPM also improved by 20%
— Andreea Bondor, Digital Planner, All Response Media


The "Universal Marketing Bridge” has since been implemented across select clients in the All Response Media network. The tangible benefits of the implementation have been;

● 25% reduction in campaign trafficking time.

● 30% increase in speed of campaign deployment.

● One third gain in overall operational efficiency.

As a performance-driven digital agency, we’ve long been frustrated with the lack of integration and alignment between the two core pillars of every digital ad campaign; trafficking and measurement.

Bionic’s Auto-Pilot platform has been our Facebook Optimisation platform of choice for four plus years and we have always considered Bionic to be an innovative, solution-oriented and proactive partner.

When we brought this frustration to their attention, they immediately understood, and as a partnership we designed and then delivered, in the Universal Marketing Bridge, a solution which not only addressed this frustration, it vastly improved internal processes and realised significant operational efficiencies in our business

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