Automatically optimise complex Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns in real time, based on your unique marketing objectives.

With Bionic’s Auto Pilot, you can supercharge your capabilities to deliver improved bid and budget optimisation 24/7 with multi-level bid strategies. Automatically adapt campaigns to market conditions to improve ROI and reduce wastage and over-spend.


We are pioneers in dynamic algorithmic optimisation. Our optimisation is not simply rules-based, but leverages intelligent systems to continuously adapt your campaign’s performance against your unique goals.

Simply define your KPI’s and we will take it from there, constantly and dynamically managing bids and budgets to deliver your optimal ROI/ROAS.  You are in control and can completely customise how Bionic will manage your campaigns with minimum human intervention.


Auto Bid

Taking account of the ever-changing Facebook auction environment, the bid for each ad set is changed every hour to ensure that your campaign never bids more than it needs to, at any point in time.


Auto Pause

Campaign components that are underperforming are automatically paused to ensure that maximum budget is made available to highest performing parts of your campaign.


Auto Reallocate

Only Bionic can provide the capability to dynamically reallocate budgets across ad sets to give you complete control over where your budget is spent and ensuring you achieve the highest return against your planned objectives.


Auto Management Style

Automatically adjust the aggressiveness of the bid strategy to ensure the campaign adjusts to market conditions; balancing your requirement to achieve the highest volume at the lowest cost over time.

Auto Pilot typically undertakes up to 100,000 automated analysis and decision-making tasks per month on a typical campaign.

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