Guess Who? Achieving a Single Customer View Across Marketing Channels

by Richard Parboo

In the increasingly complex world of data-driven marketing, there is so much data available, it’s becoming more and more difficult to determine what is valuable and why. Many marketers can talk about Target Audiences based on who they think they want to talk to (with the highest likely purchase intent), but of course, the Holy Grail is to grab the attention of  all potential customers, regardless of shape, size and width! 


Like the famous game from the 80s, Guess Who?, the reality is that we are frequently discarding people/audiences/environments because they don’t fit with our perception of our market. The famous phrase ‘wastage’, much debated and often maligned, can mean that a ‘Richard’ could be the perfect customer for a brand whilst ‘Bernard’ just clicks on things because he’s curious about advertising but rarely purchases. What technology should do, and what it actually does is often a case of trial, and more often, error. It’s a minefield through which Marketers are searching for a path, knowing that the pot of great targeting and effective results awaits. 

Third-party data is often complex and incomplete, and it’s not always possible to tell how recent it is, either. The cookie is starting to crumble. Advertisers that can effectively mobilise their CRM data will be most agile in understanding its customers, both past and future.  As GDPR flexes its muscles with some serious fines at both BA and Facebook, expertise is required to make advertisers both compliant and effective. Retargeting annoys (mainly by following customers who’ve already purchased around the web). And whilst not as fashionable as it used to be, ad blocking is still on the rise, meaning advertisers need to be as subtle, clever and creative is as strong as ever. 

Navigating two of the largest platforms, Google and Facebook, is a challenge both  in terms of expertise required to effectively use their tools, and because they sit in separate areas of the dashboard. It’s widely recognised that those two platforms attract around 75% of ad spend in Western Markets, which makes them essential for any business.  At Bionic we recognised that it would make the Guess Who? game a lot simpler if marketers were able to bridge the data gap that exists across those platforms. Wouldn’t it be great to know who’s buying because they were reached by both or either platform and then be able to optimise spend accordingly? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to de-duplicate ad spend and achieve much greater advertising efficiency as a result? Well, now it’s possible. 

We are no longer playing the game with two separate boards, people and suspect hats. Your investment can be not only de-duplicated, but also give you a real understanding of the user journey. This is powerful when combined with smarter messaging, in real time, that minimises the number of questions you need to ask of your tech and creative teams to win the game and be left with the ultimate weapon in a game of Guess Who?, a single view of your customer across marketing channels.

To find out more about how Bionic can help you with achieving a single view across your marketing campaigns so that you can automatically optimise ad spend accordingly, please get in touch for a free demo.

Image courtesy of Generation Bass (CC)

Olga Osokina