The Changing Needs of Marketers in 2019


This is an exciting time for marketers. There are more opportunities to reach prospective customers and engage with existing customers than there ever were before. However, the pace of change and the complexity of technical options can be overwhelming for time-pressed marketing managers.


The priorities for marketers today have changed little over the past 10 years. According to recent research, the top 3 strategic priorities for marketers in 2019 are:

  • Increasing marketing ROI

  • Improving marketing efficiency

  • Attributing revenue to marketing

Whilst the priorities may not have changed much over the past decade, the needs of marketers have become ever-more complex. The top 3 performance indicators  for marketing in direct-to-consumer brands are:

  • Growing eCommerce sales

  • Acquiring new customers

  • Improving conversion rates

Marketers today are using a myriad of technology solutions to help them achieve their objectives. In the UK, brands are spending 23% of their marketing budgets on ‘martech’ solutions to drive performance improvements across email, social media, content marketing, analytics, insights and advertising.

The single biggest obstacle that 53% of marketers say hinders them achieving their goals is the difficulty in integrating disparate systems. Just one consequence of this is an increasing inability to accurately attribute revenue to marketing activities and drive meaningful improvements in marketing ROI.

Bionic has been offering automated social marketing optimisation services since 2011. In that time we have been rapidly evolving in response to the needs of performance marketing managers:

  • We developed our Goal Pipeline toolkit to help marketers automatically adjust their marketing activities to drive greater engagement of prospects throughout their purchase funnels.

  • We developed our Data Connect suite to help integrate social marketing platforms with sales platforms; thus further enhancing the performance of marketing campaigns.

  • We developed the Auto Pilot algorithm to enable marketers automate their preferred bid and budget strategies on Facebook in order to save them many hours each month.

Most recently we’ve developed and launched our Universal Marketing Bridge to help marketers address the biggest need they have today - solving the attribution gap that exists between major ad ecosystems such as Facebook and Google.

Both Facebook and Google have awesome tools that enable you to find the right customer at the right time to engage with your brand. Most marketers today manage their campaigns in parallel on these platforms. With the Bionic Universal Marketing Bridge, you can now easily achieve a unified view of campaign performance across these platforms.

This is an exciting time here at Bionic. We have developed a unique to a real problem in the market that is felt by most marketers today. We are rapidly expanding across our three locations in London, Johannesburg and Dublin, in response to a growing customer base. Over the coming months, we will be making more announcements about the future direction of the company.

If you would like to find out more about the Bionic product offering please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to come work with us please check out our Careers page.

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For more insights into the shape of marketing in 2019, download our report The 2019 Marketing Challenge.



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Brendan Hughes