Top 20 Facebook Management Tools for Ad Performance in 2020


As Facebook continuously evolves its algorithm, with yet another massive change introduced in 2019, managing the performance of your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns can be incredibly complex. Thankfully there are numerous Facebook marketing partners and marketing automation providers available that can make your job easier. Which platform or partner should you be considering for 2020 to help improve Facebook ad performance?

We’ve scoured the globe to bring you the 20 leading solution providers in different territories that offer in-house teams a software toolkit that enables them focus on digital strategy and creative; taking over the execution of performance optimisation in order to efficiently maximise return on ad spend (ROAS):

1.     Facebook Ads Manager

1 Facebook Ads Manager Review.png

Facebook’s own ads management tool is the essential tool for all advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and the Facebook Audience Network. This powerful and simple tool enables people with all levels of expertise to create, manage and monitor the performance o fad campaigns.

From directly within the Facebook Ads Manager platform you can launch a campaign to drive brand awareness, deliver reach, generate leads, get product conversions or commence messaging conversations. As a people-based ad platform, Facebook Ads Manager allows you to tailor your audience targeting to very low levels in particular with custom and lookalike audiences.

Given the volume of channels on the Facebook network, there is a very rich tapestry of creative ad formats or placements with which you can enhance your message, including images, carousel, collections, Instant Experiences, videos, slideshows, dynamic product catalogues and Instagram stories.

2.     Bionic

2 Bionic Facebook Management Review

Bionic specialises in enabling high-growth e-commerce, financial and automotive clients optimise bids and budgets to scale their conversions via web, app or retail sales channels. Bionic’s unique bridge between Facebook Ads Manager and the Google Marketing Platform enables their clients sync bid and budget strategies across Facebook and Instagram together with Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo! and the entire Google Ad Exchange. Bionic was recognised at the 2019 Digiday European Marketing Automation awards for this innovation.

Optimisation within Bionic is driven by a multi-layered algorithmic engine which provides additional levels of control and transparency on top of Facebook’s algorithms. For example, Bionic’s ad set budget reallocation, gives clients complete control over ad set budgets as a layer of optimisation on top of Campaign Budget Optimisation to drive improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Bionic’s Goal Pipeline methodology dynamically prioritises the most down-stream (and therefore more efficient) available e-commerce funnel conversion goals. In addition, Bionic works with organisations to seamlessly integrate first-party data with the Facebook ad platform; including retail outlets, local franchisees or call centres. Bionic recently received the coveted Facebook Innovation award for driving more in-store retail sales.

With product-development strategically located at the intersection of Facebook and Google’s EMEA HQs in Dublin and with offices in the UK and South Africa, Bionic serves primarily European, Middle Eastern and African markets.


3.     Adaptly

Adaptly is a digital media services company, acquired by Accenture in December, 2018. Adaptly focuses on enabling brands to manage data-driven campaigns across including Facebook and Instagram. Adaptly centralizes mission-critical capabilities such as media activation, creative optimization, performance analytics, and data integration.

Adaptly’s API integrations augment the native capabilities of Facebook, enabling them to offer clients first-mover advantage on new and sophisticated features. Adaptly was named a Facebook Creative Platform, making us one of only a few Facebook official partners to pair creative services with media solutions and expertise.

Based out of the US, Adaptly focuses on providing ad management services across Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter.


Based out of Finland, automates each step of social advertising in its own platform with a particular focus on creative production and ad-buying for Facebook and Pinterest.

Smarty sets out to make it easier for brands to produce, test, and optimise their ads while cutting down on manual work. Smartly sets out to differentiate itself by offering best-in-class service, ranging from around-the-clock support to managed service and creative insights to help brands stay one step ahead.

Pricing with starts at €2,500 or 5% of your media spend, whichever is greater.


5.     ROI Hunter

ROI Hunter is  a marketing automation platform with a focus on e-commerce. They aim to make e-commerce advertising easy, scalable and more efficient. Their focus is on utilising third party product data, automation, creative and video generation at scale.

ROI Hunter has offices in locations as diverse as India, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic and Singapore. Their client portfolio includes Sports Direct, Citröen, Farfetch, Souq, Al-Quarashi or Allegro.


6.     AdStage focuses on helping paid marketers make decisions that drive business growth. AdStage enables advertisers bring all advertising data separately into one platform giving paid marketers the ability to quickly visualize, analyse and report on their ad performance.

Based in San Francisco, AdStage focuses on enabling clients import conversion data from Google Analytics, CRM, spreadsheets, and more into their platform as an aid to reporting, decision-making and optimisation.

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7.     Nanigans

Nanigans software features programmatic media buying, predictive revenue optimisation, and real-time business intelligence across different marketing platforms including Facebook.

Nanigans sets out to provide marketing teams with “battle-tested” ad management software and support.

The company is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Seoul.


8.     AdEspresso

AdEspresso sets out to enable clients to quickly create, analyse and optimise their Facebook Ads. Within the AdEspresso tool, you can edit, clone or delete your ads and targeting.

AdEspresso provides some optimisation rules such as pausing under-performing ads or allocating budget to the best ads, which will become impossible for them with the introduction of Campaign Budget Optimisation.

AdEspresso is based in Milan, Italy; which is what you’d expect for a Facebook ads coffee brand! AdEspresso is a good option for micro-budgets with prices from $69 where ad spend is less than $3,000 per month.


9.     RevealBot

RevealBot offers an ads management service that helps marketers create ads in bulk in order to cut down on the time required to create multiple variants.

RevealBot pitches itself as a more advanced and cheaper alternative to AdEspresso : “At Revealbot, we’re big fans of AdEspresso and we think they’ve done a great job simplifying the Facebook Ads Manager experience to make it simple for anyone to use…On the other hand, RevealBot is made for experienced Facebook Ad pros who know their way around the Facebook Ads Manager like the back of their hand.” Quite a pitch.


10.  StitcherAds

StitcherAds is focused on creating personalised Facebook & Instagram ads to drive incremental sales. Their solution helps advertisers utilise their data to run personalised ads – creating a better overall shopping experience.

In addition, StitcherAds offers bespoke services such as managed services, creative support and technical onboarding.

Based out of Waterford, Ireland, StitcherAds also has offices in the US and UK.


11.  AdPhorus

11 Adphorus Facebook Management Review

AdPhorus specialises in travel marketing on Facebook & Instagram. Their ad management platform enables travel advertisers to build, manage, optimise and analyse their Facebook advertising campaigns.

Based in Turkey and part of the Sojern travel group, AdPhorus is deeply embedded in the travel industry.


12.  Bidalgo

12 Bidalgo Facebook Management Review

Bidalgo is a marketing platform, that leverages AI to surface actionable insights and recommendations. Bidalgo seeks to automate ad creation and creative optimization across media channels, aligning with your business goals.

As an official marketing partner of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, Apple Search Ads and other platforms, Bidalgo focuses on managing ads spend for mobile advertisers. Bidalgo has offices in the US, Korea and London.

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13.  Sprinklr

Sprinklr’s mission is to mission is to enable “every organisation on the planet to make their customers happier”. With a focus on customer experience, Sprinklr’s Unified Front Office helps brands to develop a unified view of their customers’ interactions across marketing, advertising, research, care, and engagement.

Based out of NYC with nearly 2,000 staff, Sprinklr is a beast of Facebook campaign management with a toolkit that aims to help marketers increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) using a mix of integrations, AI & automation.

14.  Zalster

14 Zalster Facebook Management Review

Zalster is a Swedish company that provides automation tools to make Facebook advertising smoother.

Their goal is to “leave the guessing game out of marketing” with a combination of “AI and machine learning” to help figure out what is going on.

With Zalster you can boost posts automatically, managed bid and budgets, and with their Slack bot get quick insights and recommendations on your ad account.

15.  Taptica

15 Taptica Facebook Management Review

Taptica specialises in AI targeting optimisation to help marketers reach the right audiences at the exact time they are ready to convert.

Taptica seeks to help marketers build audiences at scale across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Based out of Israel, Taptica has a global focus with teams located in Vietnam, China and the US.

 16.  Kenshoo

Kenshoo enables automated creation, management, and optimisation of paid social campaign.

Kenshoo offers software and managed services for the Facebook Ads properties, Pinterest Ads, Google AdWords, BingAds, Amazon Marketing Solutions, Apple Search Ads and SnapAds.

Kenshoo are a large multinational organisation with offices throughout the US and in locations as diverse as Singapore, Tokyo and Mexico.

17.  Yotpo

Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform for eCommerce stores and on-line services.

Yotpo helps merchants generate reviews, photos, and Q&A and use them to drive traffic and sales through social media, on-site engagement, paid ads and more.

Based in Israel and with offices in the US, Yotpo provides options for ecommerce brands to maximise their traction with user-generated content.


18.  Adfenix

18 Adfenix Facebook Management Review

Based out of Sweden, Adfenix assists real estate agencies to offer the best marketing solution possible for home-sellers whilst simultaneously amplifying the agencies own sustainable lead-gen engine.

Through the combination of big data and AI, Adfenix automatically creates hyper-targeted full-funnel audiences, uniquely tailored for every property, on both Facebook and Instagram.


19.  MakeMeReach

The MakeMeReach platform focuses on helping clients centralize, automate and optimize digital ad campaigns. MakeMeReach works with agencies and advertisers helping them to level-up their online ad campaigns at scale, both as a performance and creative partner.

MakeMeReach provide a user-friendly campaign creation flow, an asset management feature and custom dashboards. They also provide AI recommendation and reporting tools. You’ll find MakeMeReach mostly in France, Spain and Israel.


20.  4C

4C Insights specialises in building technology that makes TV and social media work better together.

This is increasingly important as more and more brands consider switching spend from TV to Facebook and other social platforms.

Based out of the US, 4C helps clients with campaign setup, optimisation, cross border campaign management, audience management, reporting and analytics; working mostly with clients from the Consumer Packaged Goods, Entertainment & Media, Financial Services, Technology, Telecom and Travel industries.

Information compiled by independent researchers between 1st & 5th of November 2019 based on publicly available information and is correct at time of publishing. Bionic does not take any responsibility for out of date or inaccurate information provided by the companies featured on this page.

Olga Osokina