Automatically optimise complex Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns in real time, based on multi-level conversion goals.

With Bionic’s Goal Pipeline you can automatically optimise your campaign budget and bid strategies towards customers who are mostly likely to convert. In real time, we find customers higher up the funnel and nudge them through your unique purchase journey.

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Our Campaign Management team will engage with you to understand your unique customer journey and map this into the Bionic Goal Pipeline.

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Your social marketing campaign will immediately begin to dynamically adjust your budget and bid strategies towards the most downstream conversion events available.

Where not enough volume is available downstream, budget and bid strategies will automatically adjust to stages further up the funnel in order increase the reach of your campaign.

Bionic’s Goal Pipeline was used to help improve throughput from video views to store recognition and visits. After import to Bionic, there was significant uplift in the performance and delivery of the campaign. The Goal Pipeline in particular resulted in a 44.9% increase in Reach.
— MAC Cosmetics

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