Performance automation across your sales funnel

Bionic automates performance management across social marketing touchpoints on your brand’s unique purchase journey; to improve the acquisition of receptive new prospects and better engage with existing customers.

Lead Gen Funnel

The Bionic toolkit dynamically automates the process of finding more people who are interested in your offering and directing them through your unique purchase journey.



Enhancing our clients capabilities to drive performance

Bionic’s range of proprietary tools work seamlessly with your marketing and sales platforms to help you efficiently grow revenues from social marketing.


Goal Pipeline

Optimising campaigns to dynamically funnel customers through your unique purchase journey.


Data Connect

Integrating your marketing and sales platforms to align campaign performance with sales data.

Auto Pilot

Continuously adjusting bid and budget strategies to ad auction conditions to deliver the best outcomes.

Universal Marketing

The only way to truly unify social marketing performance with search, display and video.



High Performance eCommerce Marketing

Our client solutions team works with clients to assess their unique customer purchase journey in order to create and optimise social marketing campaigns for maximum success. We can:

  • Automate social marketing campaigns across all stages of your purchase funnel to drive scale and significantly grow conversions

  • Leverage conversion data and customer lifetime value data to further enhance social marketing campaign performance

  • Unify campaign creation and performance across search, display, video and social marketing platforms

Retail will continue to be an important part of our business and, with Bionic, we can marry the unique experience of a store with the data and optimisation benefits of online to offline.

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