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How Pet Drugs Online Converted More Pet Owners to their eCommerce Website

Using Bionic’s Conversion Optimisation of Facebook & Instagram Advertising

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Pet Drugs Online, established in 2005, are trusted by thousands of UK pet owners for reasonably priced veterinary prescriptions, over-the-counter pet medicines and dietary supplements. Their excellent service and fast delivery make them the retail prescription dispenser of choice. The company also offer advice for commonly occurring questions and conditions, and enjoy a 4+ Trustpilot rating.

Pet Drugs Online wanted to improve the efficiency of their digital marketing. In particular they wanted to understand how they could improve the performance of Facebook & Instagram to drive conversions; channels which had typically under-performed when compared with Google.


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Working with the team at Pet Drugs Online, Bionic first implemented the Facebook pixel, and set it up to track traffic and conversions to Pet Drugs Online’s website from Facebook and Instagram. Pet Drugs Online’s excellent web site was a great advantage. It was simple to implement the Facebook pixel and to track purchases. The site was also extremely user-friendly, making the purchase journey easy and pleasant for consumers.

We initially ran a reach campaign with interest-based targeting. In addition, we uploaded Pet Drugs Online’s own opted-in customer list for remarketing and to build a lookalike audience.

 The high quality creative content provided by Pet Drugs Online was significant in the success of their campaign. This included excellent Instagram-specific and Facebook-specific videos that featured minimal text, in compliance with Facebook best practice guidelines.

 Bionic employed its full suite of automated optimisation tools to help Pet Drugs Online drive the maximum efficiency in its Facebook & Instagram marketing spend.

The Bionic Goal Pipeline was implemented to ensure that in-market customers were efficiently nudged through the purchase funnel and the maximum focus was applied at all times to the customers most likely to convert. Auto-Bid was layered on to adjust the aggressiveness of the bidding in order to win bidding wars, thus ensuring that the audiences with the highest propensity to convert were reached.

Bionic also used Auto Pause and Auto Budget Reallocation combined to pause the worst-performing ad sets ensuring that the maximum desirable budget was available to allocate their budget to the best-performing ad sets. 


Within a very short space of time the Bionic application working alongside Facebook’s ad platform was able to deliver significant improvements in the performance of the campaign.

Bionic optimisation tools helped us achieve outstanding results, reaching more than 2.5 million Facebook users in the UK at £2.90 per 1,000 users, with more than 6 million impressions. We used this data to build custom and lookalike audiences.

The conversion rate from prospective customers reached, increased 10-fold. For every 1,000 customers reached with a Pet Drugs Online ad on Facebook and Instagram, 30 sales were delivered on the website, compared to just 3 prior to going live with Bionic.

In addition, the cost efficiency of the campaign improved radically. The cost per purchase was more than halved with the new average CPA down by 56% from the result achieved using Facebook standalone.

We are delighted with the level of service and insights that the Bionic team was able to bring to bear on our Paid Social activity. This, combined with the Bionic automated conversion optimisation has delivered really impressive performance improvements for us.
— Neil Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Pet Drugs Online

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