With Bionic, you can access your campaigns’ activity logs to identify all campaign interventions. Learn how to improve your campaign performance with insights and recommendations from Bionic and Facebook.

Reporting on Bionic - Giving you Control and Transparency

Real Time Reporting

Understand your results with strong visuals populated with the metrics that matter to you and your business. Choose from dozens of KPIs from both online & in-store actions.


Activity Log

Bionic writes every change made at every level in the platform in our Activity Log. We reconcile changes made outside of Bionic too ensuring you have a complete picture of all changes throughout a campaign.


Performance Insights

Understand the reasons behind campaign’s current performance and learn how to improve that performance through creative, audience, tracking or bid strategy improvements.


Goal Funnel Performance

Monitor the performance of your customer funnel in real time. See how conversion through your funnel changes over time due to Bionic’s automated funnel optimisation.


Google Campaign Manager - Bionic Bridge - Facebook.png

Universal Campaign Attribution

Bionic’s Universal Marketing Bridge enables you to review performance of Social Marketing in conjunction with Search, Display and Video across all other channels.

To accurately attribute sales and revenue to marketing campaigns, simply log into Campaign Manager for a single view of truth.


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