How Santam Generated More Higher Quality Leads

Using Bionic’s Data Connect & Goal Pipeline Optimisation on Facebook Ads

Lead Generation CPL Santam Insurance Facebook Optimsation Bionic.png
Lead Generation Santam Insurance Facebook Optimsation Bionic.png


Santam Insurance wanted to test Facebook lead generation campaigns to generate more high quality insurance quotations and sales. They selected Bionic, the leader in South African lead generation, as their preferred partner.


Bionic built segmented custom audiences from two sources;

1) the Facebook pixel and

2) using Bionic’s Data Connect - regular, automated data retrieval from Santam’s internal customer relationship management (CRM) data to re-target and cross sell potential customers in the evaluation phase of insurance purchasing. From these audiences we built lookalike audiences and finally we used interest-based targeting to build new customer prospecting campaigns.

Each campaign consisted of a minimum of 4 ad sets each with their own targeting. These ad sets leveraged a broad variety of ads format, creative concepts and calls to action. Bionic was configured to refine this range of assets, “pruning" the least effective and programatically allocating larger budgets and increased bids to their better performing peers.

Auto Pilot was extensively customised by the client to optimise the campaign. In this case, the Bionic “Goal Pipeline” was configured to dynamically manage the campaign, focusing on funnelling the highest quality leads to the point of conversion.


Over the course of the campaign, Santam achieved a 26% reduction in the cost per lead while at the same time increasing conversion from Lead to Sale by 39%. Bionic was able to help Santam achieve lower cost and higher quality leads.

Bionic’s auto-pilot tools made the campaigns a huge success with thousands of optimisation changes over the course of the campaigns that wouldn’t have been possible without the technology.

The Auto Bid, Auto Management and Auto Budget Reallocation features were ensured that the campaigns were running as optimally as possible. Auto bid helped the campaigns run as cost effectively as possible with bid changes every hour, auto management style managed how aggressively or moderately the ads would bid and Auto Budget Reallocation moved budget from the worst performing ad sets to the best performing ad sets.

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