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G2 Review, 2019/11

13 Sprinkler Facebook Management Review

Sprinklr’s mission is to mission is to enable “every organisation on the planet to make their customers happier”.

With a focus on customer experience, Sprinklr’s Unified Front Office helps brands to develop a unified view of their customers’ interactions across marketing, advertising, research, care, and engagement.

Based out of NYC with nearly 2,000 staff, Sprinklr is a beast of Facebook campaign management with a toolkit that aims to help marketers increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) using a mix of integrations, AI & automation.

Sprinklr services to help with performance improvement on Facebook include:

  • Real time optimisation driven by AI & Automation

  • Re-use top-performing content across channels, markets and Business units.

  • Contextual Collaboration across brand & agency partners

  • Streamlined, Automated, Dynamic Ad Building and AI-based optimisations

  • Real Time, Collaborative, Automated Unified Dashboards across Business and Channel metrics

Sprinklr compared with Bionic

Proprietary Facebook Ads Management performance optimisation features available through Bionic, not available through Sprinklr include:

  • Universal Marketing Bridge

Exclusive cross-platform live bridge between Facebook Ads Manager and Google Marketing Platforms for  real-time unified campaign optimisation.

  • Goal Pipeline for Automatic Purchase Funnel Optimisation

Prioritise bid and budgets in real-time towards the most down-stream funnel conversion events; thus maximising campaign spend efficiency.

  • Automatic Bidding

Proprietary bidding technology driven on your specific marketing objectives and conversion funnel.

  • Automatic Pausing

Algorithmic ranking and pausing of ads (either at Ad Set level or campaign level as desired).

  • Automatic Budget Management

Programmatic management of budgets of Ad Sets within a campaign, 100% compatible with Facebook’s CBO Campaign Budget Optimisation.

  • Automatic Management Style Adjustment

Dynamic campaign strategy refinement to strike the optimal balance between delivery/spend and cost per objective.

  • Data Connect

Bionic facilitates the seamless integration of first-party data both out of and in to the Facebook ad platform to assist in attribution and fine-tuning audience targeting.